Lisa Tsukamoto

I am originally from Japan and always had a passion for art since young age. I have graduated from Art & Design College in Japan and have strong skills in traditional art creation (drawing, painting, sculpture). My signature drawing styles are realism and line art. Additionally, I am proficient in modern design tools such as Adobe Suites; Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design for graphics, WordPress and other platforms for web design. Other than these, I have other passions for dance and yoga, which passed on by my mother, a classical ballet teacher.

In the past, I have professional experiences in the Graphic/Web design field in Tokyo, Japan and Los Angeles, California.
I have relocated to Australia with her partner in December 2012 (lived in Byron Bay NSW, moved to Melbourne in February 2018).

My story about Art

Although I always love supporting artists (dancers, musicians) for promotional purposes, my current art mission is to create artworks for sustainable products to encourage healthy living.

She struggled to find the reason to create art. At some points in my life, I thought of becoming a tattoo artist. Because they make people happy or satisfied by creating art. Although I kept drawing day after day to improve her skill, one thought never left my head. Which was “people appreciate it at that point of their life, but sometimes maybe not forever”. This thought leads to a question if my canvas needs to be someone…

― Sometime in this period, my partner introduced a documentary series Cosmos – Possible World – by Neil deGrasse Tyson (Original by Carl Sagan). It was nothing special, just to provide entertainment at dinner time. But, after learning a little bit about astrophysics and science, let me realise how important to think about sustainability right now. As an artist, it is possible to deliver these messages by choosing the right canvas (ethical products). It does not only make one person happy or satisfied, but it will also help the whole of our planet. It made sense for me to keep creating art without any questions.

May 22, 2020