Printable Artworks

Flower balloon takes her to the wild pink yonder

Available at Threadless! [Framed Art] 'Flower balloon takes her to the wild pink yonder' by Lisa Tsukamoto Designs

This artwork is the second version of the flower balloon series. My purpose of this creation was to capture one’s delightful moment. That flower blossom represents a joyful feeling and taking you to sky-high, where is a dreamy place. This one is with love/affection. I hope this piece reminds you to feel happy too.

Printable Artworks

Black-eyed Susans and a beauty 🌼

'Black Eyed Susans' and a Beauty - Art Prints - Lisa Tsukamoto Designs

Apparently, this flower in the artwork ‘Black-eyed Susan’ symbolises “Encouragement’ and ‘Motivation’, and some other reference page mentioned this flower means ‘Justice’ as well📚 I added a person looks like a female. But, it can be a male. As the world concerns from individual’s rights, I prefer not to decide. It can be you. Hope…