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We need to rise now.

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Quick “Why” and “How” can we help to stop global warming.

If we do not rise now, the sea level will rise.
– Gavin Schmidt (Climatologist)-

Since the 80s’, the sea level has risen 21–24 centimetres.


  1. Ice sheets are melting
  2. The ocean is expanding

How can we (individuals) act to stop?

  1. Use renewable energy – Solar power
  2. Drive electric vehicles, Bioduels from organic waste. In addition, ride a bicycle and walk instead of driving fossil fuel vehicles.
  3. Conserve energy better at home – Use LED lights, energy efficient appliances, reduce water consumption. Along with turn off all the unescessary power such as lights, air-conditioner
  4. Planting trees to emit carbon dioxide
  5. Support local businesses that use sustainable and climate-smart practices

Above all, the actions of individuals and households will contribute to reducing emissions.

Also, scientists believe that we need to extract existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Worst-Case Scenario

If we don’t act now to wake up humans, to care about the planet, the sea-level rise will rise a maximum of 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) above 2000 levels by 2100.

Did you feel a bit of a sense of urgency?

We need to rise now to save the planet, especially for the next generations!

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